Spotlight on: DP Kevin Hackenberg

Kevin Bridge2.png
The mighty Kevin Hackenberg

Just spent the last few days working on a shoot with Tracy Schott (Executive Producer of Traffic Opera) for the Reading Chamber of Commerce. The shoot was like old home week for us even though we haven’t shot a single foot of the Opera yet. André was there. Jeff Walker (lighting guy) was there. Sue Lange was there, Ms. Schott herself. And the mighty cinematographer, Kevin Hackenberg of all people, was there.

They were long days but Kevin’s professionalism and creativity made for a fun shoot. He’s talented, tireless, and has a great sense of humor. Can’t wait to work with him again and the rest of the crew in July.

Lots of work to be done before that happens, but it’ll all be worth it when we get to that fateful day. And to make sure we get to that day, we’re asking for help from you.

Like raising a child, filmmaking takes a village. And it takes about the same amount of money. Help out if you can. Every dollar donated by you will be matched by an anonymous donor. Ten bucks becomes twenty and so on. Help out today. It’s tax deductible. It will make Kevin smile. And I for one want to see this man smiling.Kevin Bridge.png


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