Rough Draft: The Score

TOScoreScan.jpgThere’s nothing like having your words set to music. It’s magical. The first time you hear them even half-way sung, it feels like being vindicated. You were sure you were on to something when you wrote them, but you never really know. Do they make sense? Will they work with music? You’ve been writing in a vacuum, maybe someone should just pull the plug.

When someone else, someone you have deep respect for, takes your words seriously, doesn’t laugh or tell you to go back and try again, well, it does your heart good.

Last Friday we got a peak at Chris’ score for Traffic Opera. He’s still tweaking it, but what we heard was great. Just what our words needed. André went through with the storyboards to make sure everything would match up. From here on out more pieces will be added. The rhythm section — real live musicians, will create a platform. Then the singers will add the melody and words. Finally we’ll shoot the actors acting out the words. It’s a long and arduous process. Many people are involved. Will we have something we can all be proud of when we’re done? Only time will tell, but so far, we are very, very happy.

Stay tuned. Literally.

And please donate to the project. We’re still $6000 short to finish it. Donate here:


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