First Read Through

ActorsInCars.JPGWhile the musicians and singers are gearing up to record the sound track for Traffic Opera, the actors are researching the script, working up motivation, and doing other actorly things. Here we have them doing a read through. We worked out the blocking using the dining room as a sound stage and chairs for car seats.

In the photo you can see the truck driver’s knees extreme left. In the front two cars we have the Latinas and a soccer mom. Behind the Latinas, the composer is sitting in for the business man who was coming in from afar and not there yet. His chauffeur was unable to make the read so we had him Skyping in off to the side. The undercover cops are off screen behind us at the moment. Probably smoking a jay. Behind the soccer mom is the gunman. The protagonist if you will, the main plot point, the one stirring the pot. Can’t wait to hear the music and shoot the scene for real.

If you, like us, are excited about this project, don’t hesitate to get involved. Visit us on set, be an extra, donate props. It’s all part of the fun. More importantly, though, consider donating money. Filmmaking is expensive and because of inherent complications in this project (such as the fact that each character has two avatars – a singer and an actor), this shoot comes with a hefty price tag. Do send money. No amount is too small and it’s all tax-deductible! Donate today:


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