Donate to Traffic Opera

We’d love for you to be involved. It’s easy and fun. And the easiest way of all is to donate your hard earned cash. Or checks, or … Here’s what you get if you donate:

$50: We’ll give you never ending love. Because 24/7 love throughout eternity would leave you with a bad case of chapped lips, we’re throwing in a Stoli lip bomb. You’ll also get a special thanks in the credits.

$75: In addition to undying love, we’ll give you an URPA t-sirt from Episode 2 of Amazing Berks: La Abuela. Since Albright and Alvernia wouldn’t let us shoot a scene with booze and cocaine on their campuses (Can you believe it? ) we had to shoot elsewhere and make up a school: University of Reading, PA. In our minds, that’s hilarious right there. Acronym = URPA. Mascot: the mighty tardigrade. This is funny stuff we’re giving you here.

$100: We’ll give you unconditional love and a snazzy new Traffic Opera t-shirt from Abnormal Tees. Traffic control neon green with black lettering. Come with a Traffic Opera logo on the front. Limited edition of course, because you’re crazy if you think we’re going to stockpile a bunch of silly-ass green T’s in the Cool Ath Filmth warehouse. We got company coming.Traffic-Opera-Revised

engraved elit bottle.jpg$1000: Now we’re talking. You’ll get all of the above items plus an honest affection and a bottle of special edition premium Stoli Elit which will be engraved with “Traffic Opera 2017” and your name. Or your sweetheart’s name. Or your mother’s name, you wacko.


$3000: All the above plus your business or other entity featured somewhere in the film. This film will be submitted to festivals around the world. More importantly it will be shown in local festivals and events where your customers live. Also we’ll feature you in shorts posted in our social mediasphere. And, and we can supply you with snippets of our footage for your own social medias campaigns.

$10,000 and beyond: You get our first-born child and pretty much anything else you want. Let’s talk.

Go to our fiscal sponsor, the Independent Filmmaking Project, to make a tax deductible donation to Traffic Opera today!traffic_opera_logo2tiny