Traffic Opera in the Studio

Yes, we are in the studio and recording music. Things are moving a pace. So far Tammy’s been in and Christine. The rest will be in within a week or so. The music is great. I can’t say enough about these guys and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world. You can help […]

Choreography via Matchbox

DP (Kevin) and Director (André) work out the choreography for Traffic Opera with matchbox cars. Who said those were toys? This is serious! Thank you Mattel for keeping the faith.   And don’t forget to donate:

First Read Through

While the musicians and singers are gearing up to record the sound track for Traffic Opera, the actors are researching the script, working up motivation, and doing other actorly things. Here we have them doing a read through. We worked out the blocking using the dining room as a sound stage and chairs for car seats. In […]

Rough Draft: The Score

There’s nothing like having your words set to music. It’s magical. The first time you hear them even half-way sung, it feels like being vindicated. You were sure you were on to something when you wrote them, but you never really know. Do they make sense? Will they work with music? You’ve been writing in a vacuum, maybe […]

Spotlight on: DP Kevin Hackenberg

Just spent the last few days working on a shoot with Tracy Schott (Executive Producer of Traffic Opera) for the Reading Chamber of Commerce. The shoot was like old home week for us even though we haven’t shot a single foot of the Opera yet. André was there. Jeff Walker (lighting guy) was there. Sue Lange […]

Matching funds: yahoo!

An anonymous angel says if we can raise $3000, she’ll match it. Now’s the hard part: raising that $3000. Here’s where you come in: consider a donation today. No amount is too small. You give ten bucks, we get 20. Give a hundred, we get two. It’s that easy. And tax deductible. Hey y’all! Support […]

Attached: Christine Cieplinski

Very proud to welcome Christine Cieplinski to Traffic Opera. She’s a hilarious performer whose invented characters tend to leave her audiences rolling in the aisle. As you can see from her bio below she’s been a busy woman. So glad she’s got a few minutes to spare for us. Wait ’til you see what we’ve […]